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Project Description
With the current trend of continuous innovation in the cellular technology, a wide variety of users would want
to keep themselves updated with the new features in the cell phones available in the market keeping them
connected to the current technology . Also, a lot of online research is carried out by users before buying a product.
TechJunkie is a simple ASP.NET web application which provides vast information in the cellular world to guide
the users with their interest areas in mobile phone world.

The main objective of this website is to enable users to either share or retrieve information in the world of
mobile phones. The website users can add content to the website by sharing their experience with a particular
cell phone model, provide a link to a particular article they came across to start a discussion or look up for
news articles published on the website and give reviews as well as rate them. Since this website focuses
on user-reviews, a user can provide rating to a particular article or a cell phone model providing suggestions
to the other viewers of the website. Users can also create a post or take part in any discussion post. The users
can access the reviews provided on the news article and comment on them.

The website can provide a guide to users about the various cell phones available in the market and the upcoming
models. Public reviews for the cellphones can also be provided. In general features of the various cell phones can
be discussed and compared with other cellphones. This data can be stored in the database.

The website will be developed using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010(Premium version). The database is
handled using Microsoft Access. The programming language used in ASP.NET to develop this application
is Visual Basic.

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